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Leadership development

From effective leader to brilliant leader

Senior leaders need support in expanding their capacity to perform in their leadership roles, and that’s where a leadership development programme can be a sound investment.

What is leadership development and why is it needed? 

Enhancements in core leadership competencies within your organisation will yield an improvement in people’s effectiveness at their jobs, greater employee engagement, sustained behavioural change, and ultimately a positive contribution to your bottom line.


Leaders have to adapt to different situations and adjust their behaviour. These are things that call for a high degree of self-awareness and a learning mindset. This is where a leadership development programme can help the leaders in your organisation, at all  levels.

The Proprius approach to leadership development

We work at all levels of seniority across the business to develop leaders, ensuring that all learning is aligned to the culture, strategy and purpose of the organisation.


We take time to understand your organisation’s needs before designing any intervention. By doing so we can design programmes that will result in maximum impact and sustained behavioural change.


Storytelling is a proven way of helping leaders lead people.


If you’re a leader you can’t just order people to “hit that target” or “get motivated” or “be a team player”. That’s where you often need the ability to tell a good story – one that will influence your people and build teams that are equipped to attain their organisation’s objectives.


We combine storytelling tools with bespoke coaching, facilitation and experiential learning techniques as part of an overarching development programme.

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