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Coaching for senior management-level business leaders

Executive coaching – or leadership coaching – is steered by techniques used in personal coaching but is designed for senior management-level business leaders.

What is an executive coach?

An executive coach is a trained practitioner who assists and encourages business leaders to define and achieve their professional and personal goals – for their own benefit and for the organisation’s.


A coach will help an executive gain self-awareness and will act as a sounding board rather than giving advice. By asking the right questions, the coach will help the individual clarify and solve their own problems.


Coaching programmes focus on the future rather than the past and will help the executive manage and develop their career and its impact on their personal life.

Why choose Proprius?

When you’re choosing an executive coach it’s important to find a qualified professional with a strong business track record of their own.


Proprius founder Paul Raben-Christensen is a professionally qualified coach with more than 25 years’ experience in a variety of sectors.


For obvious reasons of confidentiality we can’t give names, but Paul’s recent assignments include:


  • Preparing someone for their new role as a senior leader

  • Supporting an individual with changing their leadership approach

  • Being a sounding board for strategic decisions


Why not get in touch with Paul to discuss your needs and arrange an initial chemistry meeting.

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