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change management

Supporting individuals through cultural change

Organisations change. Technology moves on, economic conditions change, consumer habits shift. Organisations face pressure from new business entrants, acquisitions, mergers, and restructuring.

What is change management

Change management is the process of preparing and supporting individuals to embrace cultural change in a way that optimises engagement and drives organisational success.


When change happens, an organisation has to adapt. The organisation’s culture, its personality, has to change. This is challenging because it's a natural human reaction to resist change. Especially when people feel threatened or uncertain.


The colleagues within an organisation can become confused and demotivated when they receive messaging about what’s changing and when, but they have no understanding of why they need to change.


This is why you need a culture change programme at a time when your organisation is undergoing change.

The Proprius approach to change management

Proprius Consulting can support your culture change programme from the outset by means of:


  • Communication strategies 

  • Targeted interventions 

  • Defining behavioural structures such as competency frameworks to deliver the required behaviour change


These change management activities dovetail with our work on leadership development and talent management.

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